Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s event. For those who were unable to join us, we hope to see you next year at Go Secure 2019!

Discussions included:

  • “Emerging Threats”: Cyber threats that have affected both businesses locally and around the US. What’s being done to stop threats that are already here and how we are preparing to stop those that are coming. Steve Hope – President/Owner, CIAN
  • “Security in the World of IoT”: Networks are undergoing dramatic change with the “Internet of Things”. What high level concepts and strategies are being implemented for securing devices in this changing digital world. Jeff Sadecky – Solutions Architect, Fortinet
  • “7 Steps to Building a SOC with Limited Resources”: Plan to get security operations implemented in even the smallest environment. Pete White – Senior Sales Engineer, LogRhythm
  • “Beyond the Scan, Vulnerability Management”: Why contextualization of your vulnerabilities should matter. David Anteliz – Senior Sales Engineer, Skybox Security
  • “Agentless Security Platform for the Enterprise of Things”: Next generation device discovery and device inventory capabilities. A security platform that provides real-time measurement and monitoring of devices, applications, services, traffic, and behavior of all managed, unmanaged, BYOD, mobile, guest, and millions of IOT device types. Joel Sible –  Regional Sales Director Midwest, Armis Security
  • “Securing Your Facility”: A brief overview of the various levels and ways of securing your facility; from the entry, to the property, to the server cabinet.  Locks, readers, biomatrix, camera’s, man traps and personnel. Discussions will also include when is enough, enough? Bob Heiderscheidt – MDI Access President/CEO and Bob Matthews – Technical Sales, A5 Power Solutions
  • “Hidden. Invisible. Deep. Dark.”: Cody Kretsinger – Director of Information Security, CIAN
  • “An In-Depth Look at Incident Response”: Nick Schroeder, Senior Security Analyst

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