Thanks to everyone who attended our 10th Annual Go Secure Seminar! Check back here for future updates on Go Secure 2018.

CPE certificates will be sent out soon to those who requested credits.

Discussions included:

  • Emerging Threats: What’s coming and what’s being done to stop it
  • The Evolution of Ransomware: From Petya to WannaCry, how Ransomware has evolved into a devastating force
  • SIEM Monitoring: A hands-on demo of SIEM log monitoring and how it can stop attacks before they happen
  • Cybercrime and the FBI: What law enforcement is doing to counteract the spread of cybercrime
  • Ransomware Life Cycle: A demonstration of a live Ransomware attack and the destruction it can cause
  • Security in Education: What measures schools are taking to help prevent cyberattacks

Thanks again and we’ll see you next year at Go Secure 2018!